External Exception C0000008

This is my first newsgroup posting, so forgive me if I do
something stupid.

I am receiving an error message in C++ Builder :
External Exception C0000008

My environment is as follows :
- Win NT 4.0
- Sybase version
- C++ Builder Professional
- Connect using ODBC (Sybase driver by Intersolv v 2.12)
- Client and Server on the same NT machine

I only get the error when debugging.  It occurs when I exit the
applcation I am debugging (not when I exit Builder). If I run the
application without making the database active and do not make
any server accesses, there is no error.  If I make the database
active, simply connect and exit, I DO get the error.

The error itself is :

Project MyProject.exe raised exception class EExternalException
with message "External Exception C0000008". Process stopped. Use
Step or Run to continue.