Help- SQL7 to Access 97 ZERO Length Strings??


I'm upgrading a Delphi/Access application to Delphi/MS SQL 7.

I need to transfer data from SQL 7 back to Access and I found that some
records are not transferring.

This is because the default for Access Text fields is AllowZeroLength =

When I blank out a field with a Delphi app looking at a MS SQL table the
field is not set to null but to a zero length string field.

I could have Delphi check each field on before post and set it to null
if it's length is < 1, but this would be a PIA to code for all the

I could change the Access table definitions to allow zero length
strings, but this might break my Access application, query criteria IS
Null might not be the same for a zero lengths field??

Has anyone dealt with this problem???
Is there anyway for SQL Server to automatically set zero length fields
to NULL??

Thanks for the help,