Getting Output Parameters from SQL Server 6.5 Stored Proc

I am unsuccessfully trying to retrieve some output parameters from a SQl
Server 6.5 stored procedure.

I declare them in the SP:

@FAPTable       char(40) OUTPUT,
@FAP000Table    char(40) OUTPUT

I set them in the SP:

SELECT @FAPTable = 'FAPTest'
SELECT @FAP000Table = 'FAP000Test'

At first I went into the SP component parameter dialog, defined each of
the output parameters' "Parameter type" to output, set some default
values for the input parameters, ran the SP, and attempted to retrieve
one of the values:

with spTest do
         ShowMessage( ParamByName('@FAPTable').AsString );

This brought back an empty ShowMessage dialog.

I then tried to explicitly create all of the parameters:

with spTest do
         StoredProcName := 'sp_MonProdFAPO';
         Params.CreateParam( ftDateTime, '@BeginDate', ptInput );
         Params.CreateParam( ftDateTime, '@EndDate', ptInput );
         Params.CreateParam( ftInteger, '@NumberDaysInPeriod', ptInput
         Params.CreateParam( ftInteger, '@DraftFinal', ptInput );

         Params.CreateParam( ftString, '@FAPTable', ptOutput );
         Params.CreateParam( ftString, '@FAP000Table', ptOutput );

         ParamByName('@BeginDate').AsDateTime := StrToDate('1/1/1900');
         ParamByName('@EndDate').AsDateTime := StrToDate('1/31/1900');
         ParamByName('@NumberDaysInPeriod').AsInteger := 31;
         ParamByName('@DraftFinal').AsInteger := 1;

         ShowMessage( ParamByName('@FAPTable').AsString );

This also brought back an empty ShowMessage dialog.

Does anyone have any idea why these output parameter values ?

Thanks a lot,

Steve C.