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I intend to develop some code to refresh all tables in all applications in
which the tables are connected to the same database.

ie if a record is posted in one table in an application it will result in
the refresh of all open tables in all applications that are connected to the
same paradox database.

fistly I need to know what methods would be possible, if this is possible at
all without just using timers to periodically refresh.

Some ideas I have are

- passing windows messages some how to all applications

- Using the BDE somehow which may know all tables in all appllications
connected to a database. (I know there are some commands to refresh all
tables in a database eg dbicheckrefresh think this is the correct name, but
think this only does the tables in the local application)

- I heard it is possible to use a special component to bypass the BDE and
just use Delphi, sounds as though it could be tricky

- I have used the delphi database components to refresh all instances of a
paradox.db table by itterating through all open tables in the database,
could also iterate through sessions in the application.

The main thing I am after is to refresh the tables on other peer to peer
computers connected to the same database when a record is poster on one peer
to peer computer

p.s. I am using Delphi 3.0

Thanks in advance

Leon Sinagra