Delphi won't start right!

Delphi 1.0
Windows 3.1
AMD586 133Mhz
8 megs RAM

I have a problem.

This morning I was working in Delphi fine. I exited, got my mail and
such and everything seemed fine. Then I restarted Delphi. When I made
a few changes to what I was working on and tried to run it, it
wouldn't work. First, the KRNL386.EXE file would GPF during the
linking process. So, I copied it from the Windows install disks and
tried it again (exited everything and pressed reset). Same problem. So
then I re-installed Windows. Then I re-installed Delphi. When I ran
Delphi the message box came up saying it could not load the component
library and gave the directory and filename for it. I just installed
so how could the lib be corrupt. What's going on??? Delphi still
starts, but this comes up. When I press OK it just continues (without
the lib loaded of course). Out of curiosity, I tried running, and the
KRNL386.EXE GPF's again.

What in the world is going on???   Please help!!!



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