Blobs and String fields

Is there a way in Delphi 1.0 to get the contents of a TBlobField (or
Paradox Formatted Memo field) into a string or string buffer (since it
will have more than 255 characters)?

I'd appreciate any help or reference.

=============================   History  =============================

I am using Delphi 1.0 on a windows 3.11 system with Paradox backend
tables.  Some of the tables have fields (e.g., Job_Description) defined
as a Formated Memo field.  When I add a TTable component to my Delphi
form and look at the source code, it is defined as a TBlobField (e.g.,
JobPost_db_Job_Description: TBlobField;).

I am trying to write a program that will dynamically open any table in
this application and output a formatted ASCII file with the various
fields of the tables.  When I try:

  Writeln(FH, Table1.FieldByName('Job_Description').Text);

I get "BLOB" in the text field, not the contents of the field.

I've tried using "GetData" (using the example in the help file) but my
pointers for the Blob do not get set.  If I use a TString field every
things works well.

I have also used TBlobStream (an example I found on the Borland
Discussion area).  If I use the following code:

  BStream1 := TBlobStream.Create(JobPost_db_Job_Description,

the compiler complains.  If I use a pointer for the Job_Description, the
compiler is happy but I get a GPF when I execute the TBlobStream.Create

The form only has buttons on it (to execute the creation of the ASCII