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ADO and multiple RemoteDataModules

I am in the process of converting a Midas server application for MSSQL 7
from BDE to ADO. The project has multiple RemoteDataModule's. We use D5

What is the correct way of centrally connecting all the Datasets on the
various Remote
Data Modules to the SQL Server database? i.e. where do I put the
TADOConnection component? Is it OK to put it on a main RDM and let all the
other RDM's "use" that RDM? In that case will the apartment threading model
still function when multiple users connect to the application server?

In the BDE application, users would log in using a Database component on one
Remote Data Module and this connection setting would be passed to other
modules using the DatabaseName and Session information, neither of which is
available in ADO.

Thanks in advance,



Re:ADO and multiple RemoteDataModules

Surely SOMEBODY here must be using Ado and Midas!!

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