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Millisecond Timing /where is or

I am writing some Borland 5.5 code to test the speed of a comms link and
thought I had found the answer to my requirment for millisecond timing in


this FAQ points to and

however both these files appear to be corrupt. Can anyone tell me of another
source of either of these files or similar for Borland TP 5.5?

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Re:Millisecond Timing /where is or

In article <48k1ic$>, says...


>Mike, that is unfounded! As I told you, please ensure that you
>transfer in the binary mode at all phases. There is nothing wrong
>with these files. They have been successfully downloaded from our
>archives thousands of times by users from all over the world.
>Besides, I double-checked these files at Garbo. They are NOT

>   All the best, Timo

Sorry, I agree the problem was with me......
I am using Netscape and I can't explain why the file consistantly got corrupt
in the download process. However I've transfered them down again today and all
is well. My apologies for not trying harder to resolve my own problem.

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