Help on LOCKS!

Ok - dont laugh. This is a question about raising a lock on a ODBC
datasource to COBOL data.

I can get a lock when COBOL locks, but COBOL is not getting any of my LOCKS,
and I cannot get the BDE to lock
another BDE application out either.

This is what the transoft ODBC driver documentation states ...

Locking with SELECT FOR UPDATE statement
U/SQL Client-Server provides explicit locking at the record level
immediately prior to a record being updated or deleted via UPDATE and DELETE
statements. However, the SELECT FOR UPDATE statement only locks the current
record and not the cursor of records being updated. In order to ensure that
all records are locked until the transaction is complete, your own
application must make use of a Named Cursor.

I am using the BDE, how do I create a named cursor? If advice includes ADO
or something else I am willing to consider trying it.


Carlos De Matos