(Adv) Automating a solution to table-corruption

Technically, you only need 5 things to install any software:
   ->        MKDIR/COPY, to transfer the files onto the hard drive.
   ->        DECOMP, to uncompress the files.
   ->        REGEDIT, to change a few registry keys.
   ->        Pages of detailed instructions for people to follow.
   ->        LOTS of patient technical-support people on the phones!

Nothing to it!  Right?

"Absurd!" you say?  So why exactly is it that when (not if.. you know
that..) a table becomes corrupt or an index goes out of date, you march
every one of your customers through a process that's very comparable to
this one?  A process that's frought with "nerd tools" and obliges the
user to actually have all the technical expertise to use them?

There is a better way:  ChimneySweep.?  On the market since 1996,
ChimneySweep is now used by tens of thousands of licensees around the
world to =automate= routine table-repair, verification, and optimization
tasks for Paradox-formatted database files.  

Much like an automated installer program carries out a detailed script
to install your program while the end-user grabs a fresh cup of coffee,
ChimneySweep carries out the verification and repair processes you have
specified, EXACTLY as you have specified, with a speed and accuracy that
will astonish.  The tech-support call "doesn't happen."

Face it:  if you sell a software package, tech support costs can eat
your lunch.  But for a cost of around $15 a license (or less... perhaps
much less), ChimneySweep can serve you dinner.

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> Fast(!), automatic table-repair with two clicks of the mouse!
> ChimneySweep(R):  Release 4.0 is here!!
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