Please help: how to set some custom printer setting in Quick Report

Our new Tektronic Phaser 840 Printer has Duplex function (that's what we buy
it for).
It has 3 mode according to this function
1. Simplex (i.e. no duplex)
2. Long Edge Duplex (like normal books & magazines)
3. Short Edge Duplex (like calendar & note pad)

The Problem :
It work very fine on all application including some old day win 3.1 program
EXCEPT Quick Report.
It is no problem in Simplex Mode.  However, whater we select Long Edge
Duplex or Short Edge Duplex, It come up with Short Edge Duplex, which is not
desirable.  I have tried to set the printer as default printer and Long Edge
Duplex mode is the default printer mode but it doesn't help.  I have also
download the latest 3.05 update and the problem remains.

I think a walkaround maybe setting the printer setting AFTER Quick Report
done it, but till now I cannot find out where and how.  So, please kindly
help and let me know how I can do this.

Thanks a lot.

Peter Yau