Report variables in detail reports, Reporsmith 2.5

Delphi 1 (patched) , Reportsmith 2.5

I an creating a master/detail report in Reportsmith to generate
monthly statements that track donations. I am trying to set up
a 'Balance Forward' report; that is, the items from all previous reports
are simply summed up, while items after that last report are itemized
on the report. Like a bank statement.

I have two detail reports set up to do this, one that selects every record
less than or equal to a certain date, and one that selects every record
a certain date.

The selections are being done with Report Variables.

The problem: The user has to enter the date of the last report twice, once
each detail report. Besides being inconvient, it can also lead to errors
if the
user accidently enters different dates.

The TReport object has a property to set the initial values of
but this only seems to work for the Master report. I can find no way to
values for the detail report ReportVariables.

Is there some way that I can send the date of the last report to Report
from Delphi, and have the two detail reports use that date?

Please respond to ''
Thank you.