HELP: Making a Client/Server Connection

Dear all,

I'm writing a client/server application and I want to avoid the user
having to  use the ODBC Administrator and the BDE config tool to setup a
server connection. I've managed to write some code which updates the
ODBC.INI file and therefore the ODBC Administrator is not needed to be
used by the user. However, the same principle cannot be applied to the
BDE config tool as it does not use an ini file but a binary cfg file.
Can someone give me an alternative solution? Perhaps the BDE calls I
need to invoke to setup a ODBC driver or alias, as I do not have a BDE
reference manual. Incidentally, how do I go about getting me hands on
the BDE ref man? Also related to this problem, I'm using MS SQL server
and one of its parameters via the TDatabase component (.Params) is 'ODBC
DSN ='. I've tried setting this to the ODBC DataSource I setup in the
ODBC.INI file, in the hope that it would solve the above problem, but it
did not. Can someone tell why it did not work?

Thanks in advance,

Billy Nice

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