Q: Delphi 1.0 Client/Server and multirow fetching from Oracle 7.3 Stored Procedures

Hello all,

Is it me or is it just not possible to perform multirow fetches from
stored procedures in an Oracle 7.3 DB, written in PL/SQL 2.3 ?
(using SQL-Links).

In Interbase, the job is pretty easy: place a SUSPEND at the proper
location in the stored procedure and call the lot using a TQuery.

Oracle procedures ofcourse don't know anything about SUSPEND commands,
so the main problem seems to me: how do I pass control backwards to
Delphi and forwards to Oracle (using fetch procedure calls).
Oracle's way of doing this involves cursor variables, so I'd have to
find a way to retrieve an Oracle cursor variable after the first open,
and then pass it back again as a parameter to the subsequent fetch
Delphi doesn't know cursor variables (I think so, at least), so all
I get here are type mismatches.

Storing the cursor variable on the server doesn't work either, as these
variables are dynamic, and Oracle does everything to keep it that way:
there's no way (that I could think of) to preserve them as more or less
static variables.

Is there anybody out there, that can give me a hint how to solve this?

Thanks in advance,