Getting the MAC Address with Delphi 2+

Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying get the MAC Address with Delphi 2 or 3. I've found a
routine with Delphi 1 and it works fine but with D2 and D3 it doesn't work.
I think this is related to the API changes with win95 (I'm not to sure...).
I did some research on the web and every place I found talks about using the
NetBios method, it even gives the source code, but the code is all in C++. I
tried to strip it but I just can't find the units in Delphi that contains
the correct API call...

Is there anybody who could direct me in the right direction?

I.e. Where to look?
      Which function to use?
      Any source code would be great!!!
      Am I on the right track...

Thanks your help is greatly appreciated...

PS Reply via Email, I'll be out on vacation and I won't be able to check
this newsgroup

Joel Jean
Programmeur / Analyste