Wanted: the moving/resizing rectangle form the formdesigner

In the Delphi formdesigner you can select one or more objects. If you
move or resize that object, you see an white rectangle moving on top
of all the other objects on the form. I want to do that also in my

I tried to use a TPanel. Since I create it at runtime it's the last
control in the parent's controls list and so it's always on top of the
other objects in the parent's controls list. So far Ok. But now I want
to see only the border of the TPanel. The backgroud should be invisible,
so I can look through it and see the underlying windows/objects.

I have also tried to use a TShape, but that's not a Windowed control.
It's painted on the canvas of the parent. So it's always on the back
of the other controls on the parent.

Does somebody have a hint for me?


Jaap Mosselman
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