COM works, but can't get DCOM to work on september Delphi Informant example code

Hello all,

Some of you have probably read the September issue of Delphi Informant
that has an article about using DCOM from Delphi 3. In that article
they develop a simple system of three COM servers and one client using
these COM servers. As the code is available on the net, I suppose
anyone can download it from their site
The problem now is that I am not able to 'distribute' one of the COM
servers (the MackTruck.exe) to another machine. I have installed DCOM
on my Win95 machine first, and when I set up DCOM to run the COM
servers locally on the W95 machine I can run the SpeedWay client
application. So far, so good. I then did the same on the NT 4.0
machine that I want to use as the server. Again no problem, as long as
I have 'run application on this computer' set I can run the client and
all the servers.

I now have a COM setup that works on both machines - now I only have
to use DCOM to move one of the COM servers to another machine, right?
So I tried modifying my W95 setup so that instead of 'run application
on this machine' dcomcnfg is set up to 'run application on the
following computer:' and specified my server's name. It seemed all too

Well, I tried that but I always get the error 'server execution
failed' when I create the now-remote COM object. I think I did
something wrong, maybe permissions are incorrect (though I finally
gave everyone all permissions - didn't help) or something like that.
Can anyone please help me to get it to work? It seems like it's not
that easy to move COM objects around as they want us to believe, or am
I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated, but please
keep in mind it's my first experience with COM/DCOM. Thanks you all!

(Please reply via e-mail too, my usenet access is not always stable)

Bart Loosvelt