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Ex Paradox requires Delphi Help PLEASE !

I'm using Delphi 1 to write a 16 bit application. On a form I have a edit
box linked to a database. When the user physically modifies the contents of
this field I would like to examine what has been entered and conditionally
perform some extra processing. I have looked at several help pages but they
all seem to lack the necessary examples. OnChange event seems to be
triggered when the user is using DBNavigator to browse through the database,
not just when the user modifies the data. OnValidate, OnSetText and
OnGetText might be useful but I don't have any examples in the help files.
Any help would be really appreciated ! In Paradox I have ChangeValue and
NewValue what does Delphi offer ?

Re:Ex Paradox requires Delphi Help PLEASE !

Use the OnValidate event of the TField object.  If you do not wish to accept
the value raise an exception.  Raising an exception will prvent the user
from moving off of the field or posting the record.


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