using components from threads

Hi all

I have a rather straight forwards question that I hope someone will be
able to answer.

First of all: I'm trying out the IP*Works suite and want to use one of
their components (IP Daemon) in another thread that I create.
However, the components are obviously ment to be dropped on a form and
as such, I am really unsure as to what I should pass along to its
constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent).
As a TThread isn't a component, what exactly do I pass to the

Is it correct to assume that AOwner is the component that has the
responsibility to free the IP Daemon I'm trying to instantiate?
And if it is, can I just pass on nil and make sure to free it up
myself? My guess is yes, but no matter what I do, I get an exception
when trying to access the IP Daemon component from within the thread.

My scheme is that my main thread and the thread that houses the IP
Daemon (the server thread) both have access to two Win32 waitobjects;
one to indicate when the main thread has instructions for the server
thread and another to indicate when the server thread needs to pass
data to the main thread.
In the main thread I have a server proxy, which handles the
communication the server thread using the waitobjects and a
MultiReadExclusiveWriteSyncronizer to exchange data in common queues
Any help would be gladly appreciated.
Thanks in advance