applications should use half of the screen

i use one computer with two vga-outputs, say two monitors. graphic adapter is a matrox g400. in the
control panel for the graphic adapter i have the resolution 2048 x 768. on the one monitor i see the
left 1024 x 768 pixels, on the other the right 1024 x 768 pixels.

when i start an application (i.e. ms-word, corel, ...) the application is always splitted: the left
part i see on th eleft monitor, the right part on the right monitor. i want to have the application
either on the left or on the right monitor!

how can i program (tell) the operating system, that the screen only goes from 1 to 1024 or from 1025
to 2048 horizontaly?
or is there a good freeware or shareware program which records macros on the level of the operating
system with which i can record "start word, resize (and reposition) the window"?

the best would be a program from which i can start applications and tell, if i want the program on
the left or on the right side.

solutions? simple programing would also be ok. i do delphi.