Suggestions for file copying over net?

I'm working on a communications server that deals with simple file binary
file transfers (server-to-fax, server-to-server,
server-to-proprietary-hardware), and the 'net bandwagon has been jumped on
by the higher-ups.  I need to add TCP/IP to the mix, and, of course, it
should have been done yesterday.  Anyway, all the serial stuff mentioned
above is done, hence the increased clamor for TCP/IP.

The basic requirements go something like this:
* Server must be able to send (client) or receive (server) a single binary
file per session.
* Interface to outside software (i.e. FTP programs) is *not* required, nor
really desired.

I am thinking that the TFTP (Trivial FTP) protocol is most appropriate for
this.  Also, RCP (Remote CoPy) is a pretty close match.  Alternatively, I
could roll my own transfer protocol, but that would involve much more

Can anyone offer any comments, especially regarding available components or
DLL packages.  I have looked at a few, but would like to here from anyone
with actual experience using these packages.

If possible, email replies in addition to follow-up posts.  I am buried in
work and moving into a new house right now, and haven't been able to follow
the groups for a few weeks.

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