New Shape components! (and others)


The small component pack for drawing and printing any shapes you wish.
Supports Polyline, PolyBezier, Polygon, PolyPolyline, PolyPolygon for usual
and  QRPolyline, QRPolyBezier, QRPolygon, QRPolyPolyline, QRPolyPolygon for
preview/print tool.

- Inplace Designer. Lets you create/edit Poly's on the form directly!
- Points Editor. Edit coordinates and the subpoly breaks by hands.
  Load and save the shapes into files.
- Regular Poly Wizard. Easy and convenient way to create shapes like stars,
  suns, other regular polygons and yet gears!
- Horizontal and vertical alignments both.
- Autosizing and stretching.
- Alternate and winding polypolygon modes available. (see help Win32)
- Help included
- Installation will install components and help automatically.

Download evaluation from

Mark Malakanov

PS/  There are many of my freeware/shareware components

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