Best way of adding data to a TCollectionItem?

Hi there. I am trying to somehow define a "data-aware" ListView. Well not
exactly full data-awareness, but rather associating a field name to each
column. The ways I've thought of in order to do that are:

1) Adding a new collection, say DBColumns (TDBColumnItem, TDBColumnItems).
In this case each TDBColumnItem would have a reference to a "true"
TListColumn, and both lists should be "synchronized" (or rather, changes in
DBColumns should be replicated on Columns; and Columns should never be used
directly). However, storing both Columns and DBColumns in the DFM would
probably lead to trouble when loading the component. Also, all published
properties of TListColumn should be replicated in the new class, with all
Get/Set properties delegating to the "true" column object.

Which leads us to the second possibility...
2) Is there some way to simply add some information to the existing
TListColumn (such as, I don't know, inheriting the item but keeping the
collection unchanged)? If feasible, this would probably be much easier...

I'd be really thankful for any input.

Best regards,
- Matas