ReportSmith 3.0 Printing in draft mode on 132 col printers and other funnies

Please either reply to attention Hannes or post it here.

These problems are driving me nuts

1. I have a problem printing in draft mode on 132 column printers. If I use a true type
font the print out comes out the correct size etc on both a laser 4 and on the dot
matrix. If I change to a draft or printer font then some fields in some of the rows are
pushed down one or more rows. They can even be printed over other fields below them. If
I print the the same fonts etc on the laser the result is fine. If I change the printer
driver the problem occurs just in different places (the problem is repeatable). Printing
in true type is to slow for normal use.

2. If I create a custom style to the size of the 132 col paper the printout on the dot
matrix is smaller than it should be in true type and draft mode. Once again the laser
output is fine.

3. If I use a standard style and A4 paper and put all the columns I want even past the
page boundaries change the fonts to draft etc the report prints fine (except for some
shifting as in 1 (true type is fine)on the laser it is fine in any mode. I set the page
size to the equivalent of A4 but in landscape (so I can print to a laser as well) (I can
not use landscape because it prints sideways on the dot matrix) I then save the report
and open it again and then the report shrinks on the dot matrix.

4. The shrinking problem does not occur if I use A4 and stay with the standard page
sizes etc.

Any comments or ideas?

All I really want is to print to both dot matrix and laser with the same report and the
dot matrix must be in draft.

I would really appricate some help.