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BDE & NT 4.0

I have just upgraded from Win95 to NT4 and have found that the settings in
the BDE 3.5 config seem to have no effect on my program.

e.g. Setting leading zero to date is ignored.
      Although specifying 24hr clock I still get 12hr.
      Seconds are still shown on time fields.

Help !!, my prog looks a right mess now.


Re:BDE & NT 4.0

Richard, Bdecfg32 under NT4 doesn't seem to work too well. I've found
that to make changes "stick" I have to log off, log on again and do the
changes right then.

There's another Borland foul-up you have to get round. Delphi, and the
RTL, don't look at the current user for the Locale Info. You have to
change these using the Administrator profile.

Nick Spurrier (MoDESoft, UK)

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