!! Please Help!! -- teaching question

Hi all-

        I'm desperately trying to find the source of a story/experiment
that I was told several times when I was going to school for my CS

        It's about a professor who divided his class into three groups.
To the first group he said, "Your group will not be allowed on the
computers until you have completely planned out your programs in every
detail." To the second group, he said, "Your group will not be allowed
to do any planning at all - you  must get right on the computers and
figure it out as you go." And he said to the third group he said, "Do
whatever you want...plan it out or don't...it's your choice."

        As you can probably guess, the result of this was that the first
group, which had to do all the planning before hand, spent the least
amount of time on the computer. The second group, which was told to go
right to the computers, ended up spending an enormous amount of time on
the computer. And the group that was told to use some combination ended
up somewhere in the middle.

        The point of the experiment, at least as I was told it, was that
you should spend more time planning your program so that you'd spend
less time actually at the computer, coding and debugging.

        BTW, on some of the other newsgroups, I've already gotten
repsonses from people who agree or disagree, but please understand that
I am not claiming it is the way to program or it isn't -- I just want
to find the source of this story so that I can do some more research.
I'd just really like to know if this is a true story/experiment or just
a CS professors' legend. <g> If this is a true story, can anyone provide
the source or names of people involved?

        Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank you,