Building installations with InstallShield Express CE for Delphi FAQ

Dear fellow-programmers,

Due to the amount of requests concerning the topic, my company has
decided to create an FAQ on how to create application distributions
with InstallShield Express CE or InstallShield Express Pro.

I want input from your side. Who wants to support this, do you want to
add to this, do you want to recommend solutions?

Mail us at with suggestions etc.

I am especially counting on InstallShield and Borland to come up with
either a similiar solution, or to help us with this project. This FAQ
will be posted once a week to the comp.lang.pascal.delphi.* groups.

This timeslot can be adjusted to suit the frequent users of these

We once again apologise to "spam" this through the entire group, but
it seems that this topic seems to be a popular question.


Stefan Paetow
CEO - ellipse data systems
South Africa

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