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error 'Invalid blob-handle'

Hello, all together,

in our application we sometimes get the error message "invalid blob handle"
when we want to post a memo field. This error only occurs when the
underlying database is the SYBASE SQL server. It never occurs when we use
the MS SQL server.
Has anybody come across the same problem? Is there any solution for that?

Thanks very much for any hint or tip.

J. Bauer


Re:error 'Invalid blob-handle'



If you are using TQueries with RequestLive set to FALSE you can go into
the BDE administrator and set BLOBS TO CACHE to a higher number (default
is 64).  Personally, I found this to have no effect with Sybase SQL
Anywhere (but it's worth a shot, it must have worked for someone <g>).

If you have RequestLive set to TRUE (as I eventually did) you're not
supposed to get the error (but I still did) and found that checking the
"Microsoft Applications (Keys in SQL Statistics)" checkbox in the ODBC
Administrator seemed to eliminate the errors.

HTH - Mike

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