Popup Sub-Menus

Let's try this again: with the OnPopup event, you can define the menu's
contents, including a dynamically created sub-menu. How do you dynamically
create a second level sub-menu that will stay displayed when the user moves
the mouse to (or clicks on) one of the entries in the first level sub-menu?

popup item1
popup item2
popup item3-->1stlevel sub-menu1
popup item4      1stleve1 sub-menu2-->2ndlevel sub-menu1
                            1stlevel sub-menu3      2ndlevel sub-menu2

The popup and 1st level sub-menu are created in the Popup menu's Onclick
event handler. I need the 2nd level sub-menu to be created when the user
gets to sub-menu item2. While I can do this, I need this menu to immediately
be displayed.

Thanks for the help.

Paul W. Schluter
Making Systems work for Industry!