Extract all your disks icons for free


This is FREE, I wrote it to provide myself with icons for my programs.

Features include.

* Win95/NT only
* No runtime files required
* Small exe.
* Extract ALL icons from any file (exe, dll, ico, cur, *.*, only 1st frame
from animated cursors)
* Will search all the files on your Hard disk, CDROM, Network Drives
etc.... (Selectable)
* It's Fast
* Preview as icons are extracted
* No Restrictions.
* Source Code available
* Stores Icons as .ico (single icons) in a single folder or in a structured
* Variable Multitasking (so YOU can work while IT works)

BE WARNED, I ran this on all my drives and it extracted 30,000+ (Thirty
Thousand) Icons, If you store these in a single folder (optional and not
default) then Win95 and WinNT will NOT be able to display all the icons in
Explorer, it just can't handle it (nice one Microsoft).

If you find any bugs, please let me know.

If there is a lot of interest in this I may upgrade it to do more
(suggestions welcome).

If anyone has any info on Animated Cursor files (API routines to extract
and store the frames) I would be gratefull.

David Hitchen
begin 600 IconEx.zip