Key Violations Not Returned by BDE / Paradox in Delphi 2

To anyone who can answer this Question:

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Problem: I get Delphi & the exe to Freeze when I change the contents of an
existing record to the same of another record. In theory, I should get
exception errors similar to paradox or databae desktop. But I don't.

Simple DB:

Paradox 7

Field1  +    Primary Key
Field2  A30  SecondaryKey/Unique/Maintained

  Form, TTable, TDataSource, DBGrid

Before Problem:

Record  1  Hello
Record  2  GoodBye

Edit Record 1 to GoodBye

Record  1  GoodBye
Record  2  GoodBye

Delphi Freezes and the Database is a goner.

This is not good.

How do I fix this problem.

I posted this similar report to Borland as a BUG. So far, they are quite about

I have check a few books and they don't address this problem nor offer any

By the way, How do you do a REBUILD on a database from Delphi. Paradox has a
rebuild. So how does delphi do it??