Help With BP 7.0 Missing Files?

  I have a set of disks received several years ago from a friend containing
"Borland Pascal with Objects" version 7.0. I want to install the program on
an old notebook and learn the language. When I installed the package, I got
to the final disk, # 9, only to have the installation program prompt me for
disk 10. I've contacted my friend but he doesn't have the disk either.

  I took a look at the file contents listing for each of the disks and it
seems that I can _almost_ do without disk 10. It contains a bunch of demos
and windows stuff that I have no need for. (The old notebook isn't capable
of running Windows.) There remain, however, six files missing that are
crucial to proper functioning:

bwcc.dll (Do I need this at all for DOS work??)

  If anyone is able to assist me with these files, I would be greatly