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AutoCAD Ole (Getting events back from AutoCAD)

Hy, my name is Thilo and I am a stupid beginner in programming AutoCAD by
using Delphi.

My question:
How can I get back an event to Delphi released by an application for example
by AutoCAD. AutoCAD will release events for a drawing like BeginCommand or
EndCommand and so on. I need these events for continue my program.

In VBA the code for this is very easy, but unfortunately I can't translate
it in Delphi:
    Private Sub AcadDocument_EndCommand(ByVal CommandName As String)
        MsgBox "Hello, the command " + CommandName + " has been finished"
    End Sub

Forwarding thanks for your help.



Re:AutoCAD Ole (Getting events back from AutoCAD)

Hi Thilo,

You'll find an example of sinking Autocad document events in a Delphi dll at
this site:

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