BDE Error - "Operation not Applicable"

I am having problems with a couple applications since upgrading the BDE to the
new version(second release with Delphi 3).  Almost all of my TQuery components
in the applications call stored procedures on MS SQL Server through ODBC.  With
no changes to the programs, I am now getting BDE error: "10756 - Operation not
Applicable" when opening certain TQuery's.  The error occurs on the statement

Check(DbiQSetParams(StmtHandle, FParams.Count, PFLDDesc(DescBuffer),

in the TQuery.SetParams procedure.  There is no consistency to this.  90% of
all TQuery's work fine, and the ones that do not really have nothing in common
as far as parameter datatypes, result sets, etc.  I have executed the same
queries in Database Desktop and they work fine.

I am not positive this has anything to do with the BDE, since things work fine
in database desktop, but that is the only thing that has changed.  It seems
more like a problem with the VCL, but these programs started doing this without
being recompiled.

Help, please.

Thanks to all,