Help - Virtual Graphics Screen (320,000x200,000x256)

As t. dean larsen ( wrote:
: I need some help with a game that I am programming. I need a virtual screen
: that I can easily scroll, but it needs to be 320,000 x 200,000 in 256
: colors. Since this would probably take too much memory I was thinking of

Oh, it's not so much, only bytes...

: breaking the whole screen down into a 10x10 grid and then just placing

That's a good idea, the grid would now take only 640.000.000 bytes

: everything on in blocks. What I need is a FAST routine to display the
: information to a 320x200 screen. I then want to be able to scroll anywhere
: without accessing the disk (or very limited disk access). An excellent

The server here in the University of Helsinki has about 512 megs of
RAM, and that is a Sun SPARC Station, not a scrubby little PC.

: example of an existing game that does something like this is Ultima 8.
: Any help would be greatly apprieciated, and if you include an example with
: assembly, please explain what the assembly does at each step (I'm just
: learning assembly, and need help with it still). Thanks in advace.

I suggest you start your assembler programming carreer from a little
easier projects (like 'Hello, World!'), and when you can do that,
you do something more challenging (like 'Hello, Universe!').

BTW. If you want to make Ultimas, better start learning
C/C++ first...
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