Bugs in Delphi: the Delphi Bug List

For anybody who's interested in knowing bugs in Delphi,
and doesn't know about it already:

A very long list of known bugs in Delphi can be found at:

Some things I'd like add:

I don't regularly follow this news group, I just occasionally have a
And many times I see messages posted about bugs that are not yet
on the Delphi Bug List.
If you want 'your bug' to be seen/known by more Delphi people than the
ones who read this newsgroup every day, please mail a copy of any
'bug reports' to me:

I maintain the Bug Lists in my own time. Absolutely voluntarily, for the
benefit of everyone. But it's too much work. I get more bug reports than
can handle (on average more than 10 every week). And now I post this
it'll probably even increase.
So I can use some help, from people who can independently verify bugs
for me
and help making good, short and to the point descriptions of the bugs.
One person is helping me already, but I could use some more help.
So, if you are interested (I mean really interested in spending hours
on it; not just saying you'd like to help): let me know (same mail
address as above).

Reinier Sterkenburg.