how to add formatted TRichedit-text at the end of another TRichEdit-component without loosing text format

In article <>, Thomas Schr?der wrote:
> we want to build a big text out of several small texts. The small texts
> are all stored in an IB6-BLOB-field with binary format. The big text
> shall be displayed in a TRichEdit-component, so that it can be edited
> afterwards. Storing the content of a TRichEdit-component in an
> Interbase-BLOB-field with binary format works very well, also the
> restoring into an TRichEdit-component.

> BUT: how to put several texts in one TRichEdit-component? If we try
> copy/paste, the formatting of the previous text is lost.Does anyone know
> another workaround?

Search the newsgroup archives for GetRTFSelection and PutRTFSelection, that should turn
up something useable.

Peter Below (TeamB)  
Use the newsgroup archives :