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Internet - Delphi 4 - timedemo broken?

I just installed my Delphi 4 upgrade to Delphi professional version.

I ran the internet demo on accessing internet time servers, named
timedemo.exe, and got the following error message when I clicked the

Exception - 'ESockError, 'Host LookupTimed Out'

Is the winsock stuff broken?

Are there some pieces missing from the "Professional" version of Delphi
4???  On my component hierarchy chart it shows the component:
"TWinSocketStream" as requiring the "Client Server version".  Does this
mean that us "Professionals" are locked out of internet programming??
This would be a change in positioning from Delphi V3.

Thanks, Dana

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Re:Internet - Delphi 4 - timedemo broken?


The timeout on the TNMTime control is too short.  Try setting it to
500.  That worked for me.

Nick Hodges

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