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App misbehaves under Win'98

I hope this is the right group to post this to, as it appears to be more an
environment issue than anything else...

I have a D7 application running under Win2K. I use TInifile to remember
file paths between sessions, and it's been working great.

After copying the exe to my laptop under Win'98 for demo purposes, funny
things happen:

1 - with no inifile present at startup:
Crash: "SBT01 caused an invalid page fault in module KRNL386.exe ..."
I find that the inifile was created, but contains only the first 2 lines
that it was expected to contain.
Assumption: the app crashed while writing to inifile.

2 - with an inifile present at startup:
After copying an inifile from my Win2K machine:
Everything works as it should. The old paths are picked up, and then
correctly updated in the inifile after having been changed in the app.

3 - after installing D7 on the laptop to debug:
Running the app in the de{*word*81}, everything works as it should. The inifile
is created, all the information correctly written to disk.

4 - try... except block:
encapsulating the TInifile code in a try..except block, and running the
compiled executable: no exception is raised before the app crashes...

5 - Windows update:
No, I haven't run all the patches. I did not see - or missed - what would
be a version update of Win'98, and as regards the critical security
patches, this laptop is almost never hooked up to the net,  

6 - KRNL386:
FWIW, my version of KRNL386.exe is 4.10.1998, dated Apr 23,1999

Are there any compiler/linker settings that could need changing?
Ideas or suggestions welcome!

Regards to all



Re:App misbehaves under Win'98

Try a build using runtime packages.  The correct group is delphi.deployment
I think.


Re:App misbehaves under Win'98

Thanks, I will cross-post in Delphi.deployment.

Perhaps you could let me know what exactly using runtime packages means?
This is plain vanilla Delphi, no external packages.

Best regards


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