ERROR 500 when trying to access the BDE in a CGI App

Internal Server Error 500

Exception: EDBEngineError
Message: Cannot load an IDAPI service library. Alias: DB1

That is the error I get.  The app uses a TDatabase object to connect,
I've tried defining a local alias, and using the one straight from the
BDE to the same effect.  The database connects fine at design time, as
I'm able to retrieve fields in the TDataSetTableProducer.  When I
access the .exe from the /Scripts direcotry under my IIS v3.0 web
server, it gives the previous error.

Surely someone has conquered this problem before, and I'm just
overlooking something obvious?

Please email a response in addition to posting as my news server is
quite unpredicatable..

Thanx in advance,
Richard Rowell

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