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Can i update one row record in interbase?

Hi ,
when my program is running i insert some records. I use an ID for my
record.And a generator for this ID.I know that there is not an autoincrement
fieldtype in Interbase.For that reson i use a generator.
But if i insert serial records their ID value is  0.

After refresh my table all records have their own ID number.
I want to go my last edited record.
I try to use bookmark but its not succes.
So what must i do to go my last edited record after table is refresh.


Thanks for your help.


Re:Can i update one row record in interbase?

the problem is that a Table component don't know an ID field's value the time
you insert new record.
Define reaction on NewRecord event (or an event like this) for a Table
Query1.SQL.Text := 'SELECT GEN_ID(gen_key_field, 1) AS key_field FROM
Table1.FieldByName( 'key_field' ).asInteger := Query1.FieldByName(
This way a key_field will be known the time you post data in a table.

With best regards,

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