Welcome to Pascal Central

To all Pascal programmers on the PC:  

The following is a summary of the current contents available at Pascal
Central. For any of you who may not know about Pascal Central, Pascal
Central provides the pascal community one place to obtain Pascal
technical information, Pascal source code, and Pascal-related internet

The home page is at http://pascal-central.com/

Pascal Central is broken up into the following sections:  

FEATURED ARTICLES:  These are the latest articles contributed to Pascal
Central. See the end of this note for a summary of these articles.  

FORUMS & LINKS:  This pages provides information on Pascal forums (such
as the MacPascal mailing list, and the Pascal newsgroups), and several
links to Pascal related web sites (for PC and Mac).  

PASCAL TOOLS: This page is intended to be a one-stop shopping place for
obtaining free tools to help you program in Pascal.  

PASCAL ADVOCACY:  This page features Pascal announcements, and provides
a list of Apple contacts for advocating support of Pascal on the

PASCAL BOOKS:  A list of Pascal related programming books, sorted by
year.  All include links to Amazon.com reviews and availability.

PASCAL REFERENCES:  A collection of articles which are related to
miscellaneous Pascal topics, such as Pascal Standards, different
compilers, and Apple's new Universal Headers.  

PASCALWARE:  Freeware and Shareware applications written in Pascal.  

THE ARCHIVE:  The complete archive of articles submitted to Pascal
Central, in order of most recent first.  

THE FAVORITES:  Statistics, by month, on frequency of visits at Pascal
Central. Check out which pages are the favorites.  

SOURCE CODE:  Three different pages dedicated to source code, including
MORGANA'S CAVERN, a collection of complete Pascal source code packages,
including running applications, all for Windows.  I am always looking
for more contributions, so if you are interested, please send an email!


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