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Writing a component that includes 2 VCl Co

I want to make a component that includes a combobox and a listbox.
First of all is it possible (2 VCL components at the same time)? i know
that a component can have only one ancestor class (in this case
TComboBox). that's why i declared a member variable of typ TListBox and
tried to display it (after allocating memory with new for it and setting
the right Properties). I installed the component but when i tried to
used it in a  Form of a standard application i get a run time error:
"  Project ... raised exception class EResNotFound with message
'Ressource "newComponent" not found....  "

need help! thanks


Sigrid Hardt

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Re:Writing a component that includes 2 VCl Co

Hi, Sigrid!

The folks in borland.public.cppbuilder.vcl.components.writing are
probably the best to ask your VCL question.

The short answer is that you need to combine the components of interest
into an aggregate component, as described in

You can also use a Frame in many cases where you would otherwise create
an aggregate component as described in the article, if you have BCB5.

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