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Trouble with Adaptive Server 6

Dear all,

I have just moved off Sybase Anywhere 5 and I am now developing with
adaptive server 6.

I created a blank database with Sybase central and then created the actuall
database via the modeller 6.1

The problem I have is when I have the product as a server (dbsrv6 -c 20M
"") when I try connecting with Sybase central it {*word*75}es when I
try to view the data. You get a Communication error and it brings up the
ODBC connection. Just reselect TCP and it goes off and the Interactive SQL
product comes back and states:

Database collation "WIN_LATIN1" as ISO ANSI Characters, display translation
is off....

Can anyone help. It works fine when the server is on your own PC. It all
worked okay with sybase anywhere 5.0.



Re:Trouble with Adaptive Server 6

: "Matthew Barrett" <> wrote:

>I have just moved off Sybase Anywhere 5

Matthew, could you please specify what your problem is with respect to
Borland C++Builder?

Thank you.

Stefan Hoffmeister (TeamB)
Please do apply judgement when sending email.

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