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Compiler errors : E2015 Ambiguity error

Hello, Everyone : )

When trying to compile a project with the Shockwave flash component I get
these errors pointing to the ShockwaveFlashObjects_TLB.h file, using
c++Builder5 enterprise(have Async Turbopower componet , and few Timers):

line(504):E2015 Abiguity between 'TGUID' and system :  TGUID'
line(505):E2015 Abiguity between 'TGUID' and system :  TGUID'
line(537):E2015 Abiguity between 'TGUID' and system :  TGUID'
line(538):E2015 Abiguity between 'TGUID' and system :  TGUID'

Its wierd , I never even touched that file . The first time I compiled it
worked , but the 2ncd time and everytime after is does'nt. The only thing I
changed is the position of a button, nothing else.

This error already keeps me back 2 days already. Please would appreciate any

Thanks very much.


Re:Compiler errors : E2015 Ambiguity error

I also get ambiguity errors sometimes when I compare TDateTime objects with
eachother. It seems it can't quite figure out where the scope is from the
class. You can, when defining it, mention explicitly that it is in System::,
so it knows where it is at and doesn't have to guess..

Something like


Assuming TGUID is the class name and not the instance name. For example, the
string class is written as follows;

std::string Name;
Name = "Hello";

Where std is the scope/namespace .. Apply a similar construction to your
class definition which gives the ambiguity error, and see if it works..

- Jorgen


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