Excel in OLE Container in BCB4

I am having trouble just loading an existing spreadsheet in my OLE Container
and thought someone may have some suggestions .

I have a form with an OLE container on it.
In my project I have imported the type library for Excel 2000. (Microsoft
Excel 9 Object Library (Version 1.3))
This is the code I'm using so far:

   OleContainer1->CreateObject("Excel.Sheet", false);
   OleContainer1->AllowInPlace = true;


The program doesn't compile with the fourth line of code.  If I exclude the
4th line and compile, I get a form with an excel spreadsheet embedded in it.
I do need to open an existing spreadsheet and manipulate it.
I have been using "Mastering Delphi 4" as a text resource until now, but
this line doesn't appear to work in BCB4.

Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated.