ANN: EMS HiTech News: QuickDesk

Dear Sirs and madams,

EMS HiTech company is announcing next version ( of QuickDesk --
The Best InterBase Administration and Development Tool.
You can download newest version from

In this version:


1. Now you can import data from text files - this is the first (but not
   step of new great feature of EMS QuickDesk!

   A. Use dual list on "Import" page to add fields you wish to be imported
      the table.
   B. Choose source filename within open dialog of filename edit.
   C. On "Fields Editor" page you can choose what data to what field
      will be imported by following steps:
     a) Edit, if need, column bounds by pushing Edit button and dragging
        arrow-like field delimiters. Push apply when done.
     b) Choose desired field from combobox and select corresponding column
        by single-click on it.
   D. On "ASCII" page you can choose source data formats such as decimal
      separator, digit grouping symbol, etc.

2. Domain Editor: "Used By" page was added.
3. Data Export: Export to XML now available. This is our first (but not last
   again) step to support of XML -- popular and powerful markup language for
   documents containing structured information.
4. DB Explorer: New popup menu item was added. Now you can create Select,
   Insert, Update and Select procedures from table without opening
   Table Editor.
5. Popup menu for any data grid now includes items for Export Data,
   Export Data As Insert and Import Data.
6. Data Export -> Export to HTML. Now you can export Boolean fields
   as HTML CheckBoxes (see "Basic" page in HTML Options).


1. Use Ctrl+F8 to Set/Remove breakpoint in Stored Procedure's De{*word*81}.
2. DB Explorer popup menu for Domain: Used By item now works.
3. Data export: fixed minor bug in export to Windows Clipboard.
4. Fixed something small bugs.

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Best regards,
EMS HiTech development team.