Newbie: Difference between "Import ActiveX" and "Import TypeLibrary"....

If you came from the VB world.

Import ActiveX let you use any visual component (OCX) in BCB
Import Type Library let you use any non-visual component (References in VB)
in BCB

That's the concept.

Arne Styve <> wrote in message news:39be18dd_1@dnews...
> Hi,

> Can someone please explain the difference between "Import ActiveX" and the
> "Import TypeLibrary" when importing an ActiveX-component to the
> ?

> I.e. I've got an ActiveX-object (in an .ocx-file) that I want to use in my
> application. This .OCX contains one ActiveX class/component, and several
> classes/types which are not ActiveX-objects.

> When importing using the "Import ActiveX..", I get two files created; the
> _TLB (which is the typelibrary for the extra classes/interfaces to these
> classes), and the _OCX holding the ActiveX proxy-class generated by the
> import-wizard.

> If I chose to import using the "Import Type Library", and check the
> "Generate Component Wrappers", I seem to get the same result as above,
> except for that now the BCB has also generated Proxyclasses for the
> non-ActiveX components.

> Am I right in assuming that importing using "Import Typelibrary" with the
> "Generate..." checked is the same as using the "Import ActiveX.." as far
> the ActiveX-component is concerned ?

> Or am I totaly off the track here ?

> Also, has anyone got any experience with the BCB5.0 generated proxyclasses
> generated using the "Import Typelibrary" with the "Generate wrapper.."
> checked ?

> Any help is appreciated.

> Regards

> Arne