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Formula One 5.0 license info not found

I recently installed C++ Builder 3 (after uninstalling version 1.0).
Then I tried to import my Formula One 5.0 ActiveX control onto the
component palette.  I have the commercial version, not the Borland demo
version.  The import seemed to go fine, and the control now appears on
the ActiveX page of the component palette.  But when I try to put the
control on a form, I get a message that license information for the
control is not found so it cannot be used in design mode.

This same control previously imported into C++ Builder 1.0 with no
problem, and I'm currently using it in Delphi 3 with no problem, all on
the same machine..  Can anyone tell me why C++ Builder 3 will not let me
use the control in design mode?

I have noted that there appears to be no vcf15.lic file on my hard drive
(the ocx is vcf15.ocx).  There is a vcf1.lic file, but the date on that
one is 1995, and I assume it applies to the Borland demo version.
Thanks for any help!


Re:Formula One 5.0 license info not found

Simply re-installing Formula One 5.0 after installing BCB 3.0 fixed this
up.  Apparently the installation of BCB 3.0 with its limited copy of Formula
One overwrote or somehow garbled the license information for my commercial
copy of the control so I had to reinstall it.


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