QuSoft says modify Printers.pas as a fix

My QuickReport is crashing in Win2000 when a printer on the network is
no longer accessible.  QuSoft suggests modifying Printers.pas (a VCL
source file from Borland), even though Borland suggests against such a

In desperation, I tried to modify the file and rebuilt my program.  The
file did NOT get rebuilt (I tested this by placing a deliberate syntax
error into the file).

A FAQ on Borland's site says you can modify a VCL source file by copying
the file to another directory and modifying that copy - then add that
directory to the top of the Tools/Environment Options/Library/Library
path list.  This didn't work either.

Another FAQ on a different website suggested copying the VCL source file
to the directory of my program's source.  This didn't work.

I then added the VCL source file in my source directory to the project
as another unit.  The file got compiled, but doesn't seem to be part of
my program (I can't set breakpoints in it.)

Am I missing something simple?  Any help is appreciated.